RECIPE: Basil Seed and Lime Friands

My friend’s dog died recently. I have to declare that I’m not really a doggy person, but Frisco was a chilled and laid-back kind of sausage, and in his quietness, he let me grow quite fond of him.

He wasn’t bouncy or brash or ballsy, but you always knew he was present. We built up to a level of mutual respect, Frisco and I. Nothing too flamboyant, but I’d tip my hat to him and he’d courteously nod back. In reality, this meant he’d rest his chin on my foot and I’d pretend not to notice.

We had a small gathering the day after the octogenarian passed away. Someone commented on the inappropriateness of the ‘sausages’ as part of the barbeque, but I thought Frisco would have found this hilarious. I made a batch of these friands and formed them into the letter F. He wasn’t much of a gourmand, and I think he’d have found the whole ‘basil seed’ thing quite pretentious, but in the role so often played by food, this batch of friands served as a vessel for a whole raft of emotions at play that balmy summer’s night. 

Dotted with blueberries and speckled with flecks of lime zest this rustic, ramshackled formation of friands felt humble and noble all at the same time. Much like Frisco himself. RIP.


Lime and Basil Seed Friands recipe 2

Basil Seed and Lime Friands
200gm Butter (melted)
160gm Ground Almond
200gm Icing Sugar
6 Eggwhites
50gm Plain flour
1 TBS Basil Seeds
1 Lime (zested)

Lime and Basil Seed Friand recipe

1. Sift dry ingredients

2. Whisk eggwhites until just frothy – not meringuey

3. Add eggwhites to dry ingredients, then slowly pour in the melted butter.

4. Fold in the lime zest and basil seeds but don’t overwork the batter

5. Our into buttered friand tins, cupcake tins or the vessel of your choice.

6. Cook for 20-25 mins at 180 degrees

7. Share with friends



If you’re making these friands for an occasion that’s not the wake of a furry friend, they’d also go well with a few slices of poached quince.  Recipe here.



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