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Scratch Recipe: Perfect Pesto

Can anyone remember the world before Pesto? Anyone? Pesto seems to have been pimping our pastas and glaming our dowdy fritattas since, oh, 1882?  In reality, few people outside Italy had heard of Pesto until the 1990s but it’s definitely taken on the ‘comfortable old slippers’ role in the culinary shoe cupboard […]

TRENDS: The Rise of The Dessert 2

On the 5 days of the week when Londoners are not starving themselves on a diet of one sardine and a celery stick (aka the 5:2 diet), it appears we have an uber-crush on desserts. Dessert bars and pop-ups have become something of a ‘thing’ lately. At the same time […]

So Frenchy, So Brasserie Chavot

I have a big belly. I’m stocky and rotund like one of those Babushka Dolls, though I do try not to look quite so much like a Russian peasant.  I’ve thrown that nasty tassley thing away for instance. But weirdly, I have quite a small appetite. Yes, of course there’s […]

Blueberry Pancakes at OPSO

OPSO: New Greek Restaurant in London

We’ve been living in something only marginally bigger than a toddler’s playpen for a while now. ‘Enough. Let’s move.’ ‘Ok.’     Looking, looking, then finally we find something. It’s a little further out. Fine. Good. Great! We’re ready. Were SO ready. Then comes Opso. And my resolve weakens. And I […]

Scratch Recipe: How to make Baba Ganoush 2

I don’t make the best baba ganoush I’ve ever eaten. This is not false humility.  I actually make a great baba ganoush, it’s just that somewhere in central London you’ll find a better baba ganoush than mine. It makes me a little tetchy to admit that, but there you have […]

Baba ganoush

Scratch Review: Granger & Co

I’ve always had a soft spot for Bill. Maybe it’s the shock of Aussie beachy blond hair. Or his cheeky grin lifted straight from the face of a naughty but endearing toddler. Or maybe it’s what appears to be his effortlessness in achieving that ‘perfect life’ that we all covet. […]

Honey and co_biscuits

Honey & Co

I live in almost the most perfect area of London.  A quick scoot into Soho, an energetic leap across to a huge central London park and a mere whiff of a croissant away from an amazing weekend farmers market where the eggs still smell like poo.  It’s  an angel’s wing […]