Scratch Recipe: Almond Pistachio & Rose Petal Brittle

Of questionable nutritious value but devilishly moreish, these clumps of nutty jaw-sticking naughtiness are divine. Another super easy throw together. You’ll notice a pattern here; I do have a fondness for ‘quick sticks cooking’.  And if it looks like you laboured over it for an eternity? Well you’ll still go to heaven if you decide not to divulge the truth. 

I often package up portions of this for a wee gift at the end of my London walks – they make great ‘take-home-treats’.  You could do the same for birthday gifts or any celebratory occasion.

You can find dried rose petals, as well as slithered almonds and pistachios in middle eastern supermarkets.  If you’re in London, there are several on Edgware Road or over in Shepherd’s Bush.  Waitrose often sells rose petals (other supermarkets are available of course…though I’ve never seen dried rose petals in any of them.)

As a variation I use salted peanuts which work well with the purfumed rose petal, or walnut with the merest sprinkling of dried chilli flakes.  The heat works brilliantly with the sweetness of the brittle and the slightly oily, earthy nuts. 

Almond Pistachio & Rose Petal Brittle
And this one goes out to all the dentists out there.  Oh yeah.  We'll be seeing you real soon.
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  1. 100gm butter
  2. 3 TBS honey
  3. 150gm icing Sugar
  4. 200gm flaked or slithered almonds
  5. 100gm pistachios
  6. A handful of dried rose petals
  1. Pop butter and honey into a pan and melt over gentle heat
  2. Add sifted icing sugar and stir til combined
  3. Cook on a low heat until a caramel colour (around 10 mins) stirring all the time
  4. Throw nuts into the caramel mix
  5. Turn out onto a pan and flatten
  6. Sprinkle rose petals over the brittle and press lightly into the mix
London From Scratch
 Almond Brittle


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