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I first met Corrado Accardi at a cooking class.  A pizza cooking class.  Those who know me will find this surprising as pizza is not my favorite of the five food groups.  ‘Where’s the chocolate?’ I hear you ask.  

I was really taken by Corrado’s enthusiasm and passion as a food entrepreneur and wondered what his take would be on my ‘Five Questions’. I love this section of the blog.  The food scene in London is rolling around and morphing and constantly becoming something else.  It’s wonderful to chat to the people who are helping this happen.  But first, a few pics to prove I really did make pizza.


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1. What do you think the next big ‘foodie trend’ will be?

In my opinion there is a progressive move towards simplicity and back to basics, with a strong focus on high quality ingredients. By using delicious and tasty ingredients, you can have a much healthier and lighter diet, without compromises but to highlight the ingredients themselves.
In general, I see lots of emerging casual dining and quick service chains in London adopting a contemporary twist on traditional foods and recipes, with increasing focus on healthy products.

2. Where’s your favorite place to eat in London?

I love Italian food in general, for its variety and regional recipes. However, I like to explore different cuisines and over the years I realised that middle eastern food, and Lebanese in particular, ticks all the boxes for me: variety, quality, taste, natural ingredients. My favourite restaurants are Noura, Levant and Fairuz in Central London.

3. Who would you love to have cook for you?

Tough question. I have a few people that I would love to talk to in a relaxed manner. Having them cook for me would be a plus. Perhaps Richard Branson would be my first choice. With his openness to innovation I am sure I would be up for some treat… especially if the invite was in his Necker Island!

4. What’s the most important role food plays today?

Food plays a different role in different cultures. Over the last years I have seen a progressive convergence by the British public towards a more social element in food, almost like in Southwest Europe. Whilst when I moved to the UK long time ago the general attitude was that food was something you needed to live and function, nowadays the approach is different, possibly thanks to the impact on the local culture by vast numbers of foreigners. certainly people still don’t live to eat but eating is now much more social than it used to be and this is testified also by the many websites and blogs that write about food, sharing information with friends, followers and colleagues.
People not only want to eat but also talk about it, understand where ingredients come from and how they are combined, which is a much more Mediterranean approach, one that I was used to since my childhood in Sardinia.

5. What’s your desert island dish? Who would you invite to share it with you?

Definitely pizza, for the variety of toppings. But I love fish, which I eat in virtually every form and shape.
My wife: since I started Pizza Rossa I don’t see much of her.

Corrado Accardi

Pizza Rossa
4-12 Whittington Avenue, 
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