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At A Glance - Soho Food Walk


A leisurely 3 hour guided walking tour of Soho and Chinatown with a focus on food trends and food histories. You’ll sample some of London’s loveliest fare as you meander along the cobbled laneways and busy footpaths.  We’ll help paint a picture of how food trends in London have evolved and where they’re heading now.


Most Saturdays through winter. Add Tuesdays and Thursdays in Summer. Other days by arrangement.
Start time: 10.30am
Finish Time: 1.30pm


How Much:
£61.50 per person.  This includes all tastings and refreshments. There will be ten food tastes which is the equivalent of a progressive lunch and will have you full by the end of the walk - so come hungry!

Soho Food Walk - Chinatown 

At A Glance: Marylebone Food Walk:


A fabulous meander through one of London’s most enigmatic neighbourhoods. This is a three and a half hour guided walking tour of the two faces of Marvellous Marylebone. You’ll munch your way through tastes as diverse as London’s finest sausage rolls, to her most exotic Syrian fare. We’ll help paint a picture of the rich history of the area and what the future might look like for Marylebone now she’s become one of London’s little darlings.


Marylebone tours are wonderful. But not too many people know Marylebone so it’s a less popular walk. We arrange dates depending on demand, so do get in touch if you’d like to come and we’ll arrange a date to suit.
Start time: 10.30am
Finish Time: 2.00pm


How Much:
£69 per person.  This includes all tastings and refreshments. You will enjoy morning tea and lunch tastings on this tour.


 London's Marylebone Food Walk


At A Glance:
Covent Garden Desserts Tour:

A carefully curated walk, combining tales of London’s past with a hunt for some of the best sweet treats you’ll find in the historic neighborhood of Covent Garden.

Sundays and Tuesdays.
Start time: 10.30am
Finish Time: 12.30pm

How Much:
£40 per person.  This includes all tastings and refreshments. 

Covent Garden Desserts Food Tour