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Michelle Francis


If I were flailing about on a desert island somewhere and a cutie-pie genie appeared with a flourish and whispered,
“OK, you know the deal. Two wishes lady.”

I’d say, “Two? I thought it was three?”
Fine then, two.  But It would be easy, I’d want;
1. London
2. Good Food

I’m an ex-pat Australian, an ex-restauranteur and an ex-chef. Yes, lots of exes. More now.

In 2012, I set up the central London supper club, Scratch Secret Suppers, because I wanted to feed Londoners fabulous food I’d made from scratch.  Nothing tastes as good as food made from scratch.

I like to write about, and photograph London’s evolving foodie scene and I do this on my food blog. This might help you work out where to go and what to eat around London, and if it does, I will be very happy indeed. Musings on the blog are my opinion and many things influence opinion, so take one fistful of salt and your nearest magic carpet and check them out for yourself.

My current obsession is helping visitors to London, long-term Londoners or short stay-over tourists, scratch beneath the surface of the city’s exciting foodie scene. It’s an amazingly exhilarating place, both culturally and gastronomically, and it’s so much more than the cliche of pub meals and a pint. I run food tours several times a week where we walk around two of my favorite London neighbourhoods - Soho and Marylebone. We eat our way through a progressive seven course tasting menu and I provide context and commentary on London’s contemporary eating scene.

I hope the London Food Tours go some way towards scratching the growing itch to get under the skin of one of the world’s most cosmopolitan cities. You might just catch a side-ways glance at her truly charming personality.


Antipodean by birth. Londoner by love.