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Bar Termini - Review

Marco Arrigo has opinions. On all sorts of things, I imagine, but the ones he holds on coffee are intractable, unyielding and often controversial. I like an opinion. Prefer a super-sized one to none at all. Marco and I got on. In ‘Bar Termini’, his wee 1950s-esque Italian-styled café at the sleepy end of Soho’s […]

Bar Termini Coffee Shots

Northbank Restaurant Review

Northbank Restaurant - Review 1

“I love a tasting menu. Maybe it’s just the greedy girl in me, but I want to try everything.” Most Londoners and visitors to London have heard of Southbank. They’ve got a vague concept of where it is and what to expect once they get there. The Tate. The National. Restaurants. Buskers. Icecreams. Northbank however? […]